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August '20 Changelog
« on: August 01, 2020, 08:20:03 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Added ability for pirates game to be in two channels on the same network. Messages from the bot will be mirrored. Reason for this is to reduce traffic and control who has ops on at least one channel.
Monsters have a chance to heal themselves
Treasure Hunts: Added over 400 location clues and 100 riddles
Treasure Hunts: Adjusted challenge (riddle/monster) rates when searching
Added more monster names
Destruction curse: If the ship being cursed is sailing, it will sail to a nearby port for repairs
Added more riddles
Riddles are now translated to pirate to deter easy web searches for answers
Global limit of skills that can be learned from all methods increased to 5
Treasure hunts: Ships are limited to completing 2 per day
Added more riddles
Gfx treasure map pieces can be found in bottles from !P Cast
Whale Hunt: power and stamina will be rewarded and the amounts based on difficulty
Epic Monster: difficulties are randomized based on the event that triggered them: treasure hunt, random, player woke up monster, etc
Added more treasure hunt hints
Chance for bot ships to use curses
Chance for destruction curse to affect own ship
Chance for expel curse to affect own ship
Chance fer shift curse to send ships to the wrong location
Client updates
Added new dig events
Added penalty for not being saved when falling overboard
Additional settings listed in !P Game Options
Captain look ups are now higher priority and more accurate
Added gfx map tutorial
Increased time between bot generated Treasure Hunts
Increased chances of receiving a gfx map piece when keeping a treasure map
Plague, Imprisonment, and Zonbiness curses can be used on pirates on other ships: !Pirates Use <id> <pirate> <ship name>
Chance to receive a curse when completing a gfx treasure map
"Real" 8-bit graphical treasure maps are live! See

Treasure Hunt: Unable to answer a riddle correctly if more than one answer is listed
When docking at the same port in a row, Captain favor not being reduced
When mooring at any cell, interpreted as the previous location
Gfx treasure map pieces won in an auction not showing the location of the image
Gfx treasure map pieces disappearing when trying to use them
Special weapons being able to be repaired and/or upgraded: uncommon, rare, epic, legendary
In some very rare cases, a Capn vs Capn duel being cancelled due to a change of Captains when there was not one
Duel goal
When all ships moored, some ships bein' asked to raid the port when there is not a Pirate Haven
Dig Goal
!P Request Sail
Treasure Hunt: Numbers being added to port names within hints and locations making the hunt impossible to complete
Ship Battle ending too soon after using the harpoon while in the battle phase
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