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June '20 Changelog
« on: June 01, 2020, 08:53:09 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

decreased chances of receiving rare weapons
New ship, Ztvland Raiders
Battle-Royale: players on more than one ship with the same name may only join one time
Add additional insult names
Ship messages are now 'censored': ass -> *ss
Added treasure hunt to Cap'n Requests
Season Mods will not be duplicated until the ship has cycled thru all mods
Harpoon cooldown reduced to 6h vice 12h
Added buried treasure:
Increased Cap'n not onboard penalty
Disabled the crew command sail, if the Captain is no longer onboard
Treasure Hunts: Player ships can now start their own treasure hunt. If another ship does not complete it, the ship will get their $$ and a monetary bonus. !P Treasure Launch
Treasure Hunts: No longer duplicate locations
Ship vs Ship Battles: Increased bot ship difficulty
!P Ship Status time until able to sail is more accurate, but may change depending on crew's actions or events
Repairing the ship from the shipwright will now take time
Curses and teleports are disabled during ship vs ship battles
Added drunk status to !P Status
Added ability for pirates to become drunk which only affects personal messages. ways to get drunk: buying rum in store, buying drinks in tavern, play drinking game, or by being trolled
Added more trolls
Treasure hunt: location hints will be revealed every 1.5 hours vice every hour
Sailing to the same port, back to back, will not trigger a port raid

p retrieve
Player highlight options being ignored when control codes are used in conjunction with player names
Zonbi command fixes
'Level' disease
Ability to DJ pirates on another ship that are not onboard
Ability to rob pirates on another ship that are not onboard
!P Treasure Search not responding in some cases
Raiding a port and then asking to raid it again
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