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October '19 Changelog
« on: September 30, 2019, 08:53:54 pm »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Added shortcut: !P Duel Captain
Added shortcut: !P Troll Captain
Rewrote man overboard code. now multiple players can go overboard at the same time
Captain Favor adjustments now last 24 hours (vice 48 hours)
You cannot sell an invest you purchased in the same day
Tripled the payout for pirates who back other pirates (!P Back)
Added a snowball effect in the amount of doubloons the crew is paid when the Captain is not onboard
Doubled cannon durability
Greatly increased doubloon penalty for players who /kick or /ban other players
Added 'Miserable Monday' and disease notifications to !P Stamina
Added !P Unload - unloads a cannon
Ship port task/work 'unload' renamed to 'offload'
In preparation of a raid, ship vs ship battle or monster attack, players can now load cannons at anytime (!P Load). The loading of cannons will now be shared among all events
Doubled # of times crew can sail
Added a cap to how many times a pirate can be crew brigged
Added separate cooldown for !P Crew Brig Vote

!P Dice <player> Max
Using !P Skill Learn more than once to skip incorrect questions
Blackjack interfering with revenge
Corsairs Desire teleporting ship to an invalid location
Bots not being counted in the start of Battle-Royale message "XX pirates be in the melee!"
Wrong announcement for 1st round pirates due to last second entries in Battle-Royale
Dueling the bot takes 3 stamina instead of 1
Ability to sell weapons in the market for doubloons during season mod, Complimentary Armaments
!P Captain Riddle
Bot ship stats being displayed in
Bot ship performing double sabotage on ships
Battle-Royale rewards
Fine-Grain Powder giving double bonus damage vs ports (24% vice 12%)
Port database fixes
'Ghost' chest items being displayed in !P Chest
Season Mod: 'Complimentary Armaments' exploit
Multiple crew votes occurring at the same time
Inability to rob the Captain during the daily event: Rob the Captain
Cheat code 034
Bot completing goals
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