Author Topic: To Do List / Known Bugs - Updated March 12 2022  (Read 690 times)


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To Do List / Known Bugs - Updated March 12 2022
« on: December 08, 2015, 06:27:14 pm »
Currently working on:
New events
Treasure Fleet
Monsters, soldiers, Zonbis, etc taking over ports
New types of events at cell locations
New cheat codes
Crafting skills

Potential Future Additions
Pirate upgrades such as fencing shirts, armor, etc similar to
if ships are at the same port and a player visits market, brothel, shipwright, etc chance to spot them and rob/assault them
Different Ship types: Sloop, Brigantine, Galleon?
Pets (like pokemon)?
Ship achievements
Additional daily events
Hirin' other pirates to perform jobs?

Known Bugs/Issues:

Pathfinding (!Pirates Sail Plot) uses the most direct path and ignores invalid (landlocked) cells
Players seasons wrong in !P INFO - unable to fix as this is related to data loss (season resets)
Swordsmanship/Marksmanship/Defense skills not increased during fights with pirates on other ships
Battle-Royale: 1st round players announced are missing or incorrect
Players receive "offline messages" when they have not been offline - Unverified
Captain Requests notify wrong pirate of completion and other oddities - Unable to reproduce
Pirates who are Captain from a mutiny and less than a Top 5 richest pirate are listed incorrectly in !P TOP - Will show the temporary Captain's real ranking
Market does not show items are out of stock until time to buy
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