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General Discussion / June '20 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on June 01, 2020, 08:53:09 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Treasure hunt: location hints will be revealed every 1.5 hours vice every hour
Sailing to the same port, back to back, will not trigger a port raid

Raiding a port and then asking to raid it again
General Discussion / May'20 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on May 01, 2020, 07:44:53 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Added 50 additional locations to treasure hunts
Only game supporters can have a custom named faction
Added Pirate player faction, !P Store Faction
Ship vs Ship Battles: Battle phase can now being when ships are within 2 leagues of another, vice 1
Added if captain is not on the pirates channel, there is a decrease in the number of needed mutineers
Decreased monster attacks caused when someone performs a !P command by 15%
Increased Treasure Guardians HP by 10%
A treasure map will only be rewarded in live map treasures that are protected by a guardian (monster)
Added Season mod: Brotherhood o' the Wolf
If the Captain changes during a Cap'n vs Cap'n duel, the duel is cancelled
Nerfed the amount of items Captains can sell in the market
Added treasure hunts:
!P Port Info shows a port's wealth
Increased port raid payouts by 200%, IF the port was not a town raided less than 2 days ago
Added rare cannon shot
Harpoons can now be used every 12 hours
Ship vs Ship Battles: Added delay to Bot ships 'finding' player ships
Added !P Whistle
!P Repair has a chance to repair the ship
!P Work has a chance to repair the ship
Ship vs Ship Battles: Capped the number of players that are injured when hit by cannon shot
Ship vs Ship Battles: Increased bot ship's accuracy in battle phase
Added !P Ship Battle
Time until new day added to !P Today
Live Map: offline ships are 'hidden'

Ship vs Ship Battles: Other ship number of sails during chase phase is now accurate
Certain tasks not being counted/completed when highlight option is disabled
Ship upgrade: Bronze Cannons overpriced!
Mental States
Ability for a player to purchase more than one investment at the same port
SuperBomb not penalizing awake players when it times out
Bounties not being claimed when the player with the bounty has highlight disabled in !P Options
Season Mod Complimentary Armaments, special market weapons are overpriced
Game goal
Whistle goal
Battle-Royale: Looting of weapons
Ability to fire any type of cannon shot when not loaded
More than one spouse reward after a port raid and then docking at a port
Ship vs Ship Battles: When attacking a bot ship and being hit with cannon shot, excessive amount of players hurt
Port Claiming: !P Ship Status showing countdown to claim the port when another ship is docked at the port
Race Game: Bot answering too soon
General Discussion / April'20 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on April 01, 2020, 11:13:08 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Fixed season mod: Cap'n Levelin'
Ship vs Ship Battles: Increased the multiple affecting the cooldown between commands based on active players
Ships no longer have to be nearby to message them in !P Ship Message
A ship can only !P Scour if no other ships are moored at the same location
Ships that loot treasure from the live map is now recorded in the game news
Increased time to complete port raids
Increased difficulty of port raids due to cannon limit increases
Race game: the more wins you have vs the bot, the harder it gets
Ship Battles: Added surrender option when in battle phase
Ship Battles: Added custom insults from bot ships
Added !P Ship Speed
New player ship, The Wandering Soul
Decreased amount of doubloons epic monsters take from the ship
Increased all player ships' maximum capacity from 6 to 10 cannons
Added ability to buy more than one cannon shot at a time at shipwrights
Increased cannon durability by 25%
Weapons can be renamed with an apostrophe in the name
Added additional information in !P Ship Status when another ship is moored/docked at the same location
If a ship event is occurring, random battle-royale 'gatherings' will be skipped
Added if ship is cleaned and/or greased in !P Ship Status
Halved the cost of ship cannons
Players below level 5 are not capped at how many levels they can advance in a day, Players more than 5 levels away from the captain's level can advance 3 levels in a day, Players less than level 10 can advance up to 2 levels a day
If a question to learn a skill is answered incorrectly, the next question will be a captcha question
New player ship, Dark Sails
Decommissioned the bot ship, HMS Interceptor
Added how many more pirates are needed to help with sabotage when a pirate helps
Learning a skill will sometimes ask a 'captcha' question
Cap'n vs Cap'n duels: Added new messages when the port is instantly claimed or not. Ports will be instantly claimed by the winner if the losing ship had a claim on the port
Added rewards for reporting bugs, !Pirates Bug

Not raiding a hostile port and then auto sailing right back to the same port
Message on how to claim a port when another ship is moored at the port and own ship already has claimed it
Monster not attacking after triggering it by performing a !P command
Ship vs Ship Battles: high negative sailing speeds
Docked at an invalid port after a raid
Ship appears docked after teleporting to a port and then starting a raid
Not showing player level in !P Status <player> <other ship>
Ability to perform a Capn vs Capn duel when a ship is having an event such as being attacked, battle-royale, etc
Bot ships will not use rumor to hide the ship if moored at the same port as another ship
Battle-Royale: Inability to loot another pirate's weapon from another ship
Battle-Royale: Missing pirate power in 1st round
Battle-Royale: Incorrect pirates listed in 1st round
Battle-Royale: Incorrect time listed until final round
Battle-Royale: Sanity check for too many rounds
Claiming your own bounties
Homeport bonus when sailing to a hostile port, but not docking
Reduced the message occurrence: "Ye already leveled up today n' will level up tomorrow."
Player highlight options being ignored in !P Bounties, !P Top <category>
Ship vs Ship Battle: Incorrect speed listed in !P Ship Status
First of the Day bonuses when highlight is disabled in options
Revenge when highlight is disabled in options
Ability to start multiple race games at once
Nearby Ships
!P Ship Message
A ship 'safely docking' message repeating during a ship vs ship battle
Ships bot being banned from claiming a port for 24 hours after losing a Captain duel
Ships installing governors during 'All ships at the same port' event
Ship vs Ship Battle not ending after the message "Ship safely docked at XXXXXX"
Other ships sailing not being counted as nearby
Before raiding a port (or not), P Dig still to the previous port
<player> p defend fire round || [P]  Which cannon do ye want to fire? P Defend Fire <chain,round>
Ship vs Ship Battles vs 2 ships at the same time
Ship vs Ship Battle double messages: "We 'ave defeated all the pirates aboard..."
Battle-Royale loot message
When trying to sail: Another ship be blockin' our way
Ship vs Ship Battle: Speed inconsistencies when changing direction
Low level Captains sharing less than 1,000 doubloons
Skill levels being reset to 2 or 3 with Adept Pirates season mod
Port naming fixes
Clean/Grease fixes
Port claiming fixes
Poll notifications when player is on multiple ships
General Discussion / March '20 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on March 02, 2020, 06:46:38 pm »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

April Fools additions
Changed Battle-Royale times. See
Random events (items to cast for, zonbis, helping someone fish, etc) should not longer occur during a ship event (port raid, ship battle, etc)
Added daily bonuses for specific commands
Added !P Announcements
Increased Mon-Fri Daily Special event payouts to 125% the normal doubloon rate
Increased holidays doubloon rates
The Echelon has been decommissioned, HMS Interceptor has returned
Added how much time is left during an epic monster attack
"!P r​a​p​e" renamed to !P Charver
+1 Stamina (+2 if resting with !P Rest) is recovered every 5 mins vice 10 mins
Added !P Bug Report and achievement

Ships not connected, auto sailing
Cannon loading fixes
Duel stats in !P Power
Ship clean & grease
Bot ships sabotaging after the bot ship's captain has lost a capn vs capn duel
Adept Pirates season mod not starting skills at level 3
Investments stolen from a player's chest disappearing
AMSSM showing as timed out after a winner
Cannon loading fixes
Charver achievements
!P Charver checking the target's stamina, not the player performing the command
Interactive port raid fixes
Incorrect cell location when the ship is teleported to a port
Port Investments not being cleared after the season has ended / orphaned port investments
Ability to load ammo into cannons than cannons equipped: [P]  The ship 'ave 5 cannons n' the 13/30 shot onboard: canister (7),chain (6),round (∞) - Current loadout: round 8, canister 2, chain 2, exploding 16
Captains not given a rare weapon after winning one in an auction
When sailing, double messages in !P Ports Near
General Discussion / February '20 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on February 01, 2020, 07:56:51 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Decommissioned HMS Interceptor to make room for the new player ship, The Echelon
Disabled port investments expiring since they can be stolen from chests
Bots on bot ships will now randomly bet for their Captain in a Capn vs Capn duel
Added +4 stamina boost during the Mon-Fri daily specials (3pm-5pm EST)
If it is not a holiday and it is between 3pm-5pm EST Mon-Fri, the doubloon rate is boosted to 110%
Added duel win/lose percentages in !P Power <pirate>. The count of wins/losses begins today so it will not be accurate for the season until a new season begins on your ship
Fridays now be known as 'Foray Fridays' where ships with >50% HP have the option to raid any port they sail to
Added status updates for ships claiming ports
Ship vs Ship Battles: When in battle phase, bot ships will perform commands based on the player ship's active user count
When doubloons are rounded, the thousandths place is shown
increased Ship vs Ship battle phase timeout to 20mins (was 15)

Ports not being instantly claimed after raiding the port
"How many secrets do ye know?" for all players when trying to answer a secret
"That fruit has helped reduce ye scurvy to 100!"
Player's chest too full and unable to grab the item
Faction Reputation inconsistencies... see !P Rep
Cannon loading fixes
Fixes to Too Much Money event
General Discussion / January '20 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on January 02, 2020, 07:40:34 am »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Added Captain commands for when the Cap'n is dazed
Added a Too Much Money event: Players were charged taxes when claiming bounties being too much for their level, now results in the player can only carry so much and leaves doubloons behind.     Others can seize the money or the player can come back and get the rest after depositing the money
Added Snakes
Disabled teleportation during major ship events
Poisoned players can now use !P commands, but will have decreased power and stamina
Buffed meditation skill idle payouts
Harpoons can now be used on epic monsters which will hurt and stun the monster
Added ship upgrade, Harpoon. This upgrade will help in Ship vs Ship Battles. In the chase phase, the harpoon will put the other ship within half a league so the battle phase can be started. In Battle phase, will reset the time out to 15 mins. This ship upgrade can only be used ONCE per day
Added Season Mod: Cap'n Levelin' - Every pirate levels up when the Cap'n does
Added a port size 'balancer' to ensure not all ports increase size to a stronghold. This will take a few days for stabilize
Lowered poll player level
Secrets are now more 'hidden'
Added !P Secret - these are in plain sight, but only happen randomly when nothing is going on... Supporters will have a leg up on these come Valentine's Day
Port sizes (town, city, stronghold) change based on wealth
Port raid payouts are based on port wealth:
Added world port events such as gold mines discovered, raided ports, illnesses, etc
Added port wealth to Live Port Info:
Captains who purchase normal items from a Shipwright receive a 10% discount: clean, grease, repair, shot, cannons
Only Captains and pirates level 5+ can purchase items from the Shipwright
Supporters receive game tips every Friday at
Zonbis who conduct a successful attack will receive a reward
Added SuperBombs to bot auctions
Removed vouchers from bot auctions
Doubled the amount of mental state increases
Added news to

Captain favor decreased when sailing to a town -> cell -> town
Port names inconsistent when collecting investments
Monsters not attacking when Quiet event is triggered
Battle Royale weapon loot
Shipwright clean/grease fixes
Double messages in !P BOMB START
Missing stats in AMSSM game
Fish task not being counted in some fishing events
Capn vs Capn duel inconsistencies
Further balancing for port sizes
Ability to load cannons without a cooldown during an epic monster event
Shipwright task below level 5
!P Game News
No investments and no money collected messages
Global investment limit reached message after selling an investment
Bugged item messages after posting to the auction house
Players able to level up right after a !P Captain Demote with !P Info - Players will have to wait until the next day to regain their level
Incorrect ship location after a Bermuda Triangle event
Pirates with over 100% disease and using a fruit still having 100% disease level
Investment information in !P Port Info <port>
Players not receiving +v mode when joining
General Discussion / Re: downtime
« Last post by mruno on December 16, 2019, 05:14:18 am »
He reconnected after 15 hours  :D
General Discussion / downtime
« Last post by laks on December 15, 2019, 10:43:31 pm »
captjack got disconnected along with a bunch of users during an ongoing network hiccup, and never reconnected.
General Discussion / December '19 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on December 01, 2019, 12:00:10 pm »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

!P News now shows world happenings
Bot ships now have a chance to start the battle phase when close enough in a ship vs ship battle
Moved 'news' to !P Game News
Added Most Valuable Pirate (MVP) to interactive port raids, ship vs ship battles, mimic attacks, n' epic monster attacks which results in doubloons, stamina, power, rewards, etc.
Only game supporters can rename and customize weapons (and for free)
Increased percentage of doubloons removed from Pirate Legends to -10%
Added Live port information to the website:
Added !P Port Info <port> - shows time since last raid, business investment 'traffic', claim status, etc
Changed payout rewards to (Days since last raid) * (port size). Where port size is town = 1, city = 2, stronghold = 3. Payouts are capped at 12%
Increased cost to purchase investments
Decreased rate of return of investments due to large sums being collected
Added privmsgs to the Zonbi commands !P Shamble and !P Moan
Added usable commands for Zonbis

Decreased number of messages for ships with "Reduce Msgs" enabled, during the boarding phase in a ship vs ship battle
Mod, Crew, and Bot Prank Captchas
Ship vs Ship Battle time left inconsistencies during the chase phase
MVP for pirates not participating in current event
Sailing fixes: times, incorrect current locations, etc.
Rewards being distributed to the wrong crew after a ship vs ship battle
Not enforcing pirate to attack, moan, or shamble when a Zonbi
Ship not showing correct location when teleported to a cell
Ship is safe when a new player is a Zonbi
Bot ships not performing commands in ship vs ship battles
!P Moon
Fixed issue where ships are not automatically seen in order to start a ship vs ship battle
Bot ships installing new governors at ports where player ships are moored at
Interactive port raids never ending
Bot ships not sailing
In Capn vs Capn duel, wrong ship instantly claiming the port
!P Use <port investment>
General Discussion / November '19 Changelog
« Last post by mruno on October 31, 2019, 06:00:04 pm »
If you have submitted a bug report via the bot or to me on IRC and it has not been corrected or answered, please resend it via the original method or post here.
Previous change logs

Rewrote investments. Read about it at
Retired pirates who rejoin and has played at least one season and retired from the ship on a previous season will receive a level boost.
Added !P Supporters
Added ship battle stats to !P Ship Stats
!P Ship Info is fuzzy for crew count when own ship is in a ship vs ship battle
Ship vs Ship Battles - After a ship (Ship1) spots another (Ship2), Ship2 will spot Ship1
Added achievements based on time of day players use commands. These achievements can only be received once per day
Supporters (Donators) can choose a custom nickname with !P Nickname Custom
Added !P Game Pots
If player being robbed or chest is being lockpicked AND they are awake, there is now a decreased chance of success
Added !P Ship Awake <ship name>
Added cooldown time for !P Mutiny
If a ship raids an English port, chance for HMS Interceptor (bot ship) to hunt the ship
Battle-Royale - Added Looting! Players can loot weapons from those they beat. If loser is not marked as out, they can get a new one with !P BR Roll
Bot ship will not be able to sail from a port during a Capn vs Capn duel and less than 15min after arriving at a port (unless commanded by the admin for testing purposes  ;))
Bot ships' "assault" on a player ship while moored at the same port (robs, insults, duels, sabotage) will be more spaced out
Mental States - All onboard pirates mental states will increase when: winning a port raid, winning a battle against a monster, winning ship battle
Mental States - All onboard pirates mental states will decrease when: loading a port raid, encountering a monster, abandoning a ship battle, surrendering in a ship battle, losing a ship battle, ship battle times out
Ship vs Ship Battles - Decreased chance bot ships starting a battle to 50%
Ship vs Ship Battles - In chase phase, ships that are 10 or more leagues apart will end the encounter
Ship vs Ship Battles - Bot ships have a chance to attack player ships if they encounter them sailing
Ship vs Ship Battles - Pirates on Bot ships will now perform commands when attacking or being attacked
Ship vs Ship Battles - Increased doubloon payout (but is based on the loser or winner whomever has the least amount of doubloons as not to upset the winning ship's local economy)
Ship vs Ship Battles - Losing ship is debited doubloons that was taken
Ship vs Ship Battles - More cooldown adjustments
Ship vs Ship Battles - Decreased some cooldowns
Ship vs Ship Battles - Added !P Battle Power <blank for yourself or pirate name on other ship>
Ship vs Ship Battles - Added !P Battle Insult and !P Battle Message
Ship vs Ship Battles - Bot ships will have substantially less pirates to duel in the boarding phase
Ship vs Ship Battles - All phases now 'timeout' at 15mins
Ship vs Ship Battles - Adjusted damages for all ammo types on hull and sails
Ship vs Ship Battles - Removed stamina usage during ship battles
Ship vs Ship Battles are now live!
Disabled the following during ship events (monster attacks, fires, port raids, ship battles): duels, robs, fish, dive, dig, lockpick, charver, troll, work
Disabled ability to play games during monster attacks, fires, port raids, and ship battles
Stamina is no longer used when performing actions in port raids, ship battles, or !P Defend
Rum Store cooldown reduced to 1min
Players learning marksmanship will learn the skill when using the SHOOT command during an epic monster event, interactive port raid, or ship vs ship battle (and not in a learning cooldown)
Players learning swordsmanship will learn the skill when using the STAB command during an epic monster event, interactive port raid, or ship vs ship battle (and not in a learning cooldown)
Added !P Save to some messages when player goes overboard

Error when trying to sail to ports that start with "St."
Port control not being instant after raiding and winning a port
Ship Battle messages
Fixed issue where Ship vs Ship Battles were not being started
1st round of Battle-Royale doing 2 battles at the same time with only one battle being messaged
Battle-Royale winner message
Ship vs Ship battles starting when ships are too far apart
Inability to teleport to a treasure located at a port when using the item: Corsairs Desire
Battle Royale showing incorrect players will will battle 1st
Battle Royale not announcing and rewarding winner in rare instances
Chat daily goal will no take into account # of lines players have already spoken
incorrect colors and missing former factions in !P Ports
Ship vs Ship Battles - Ship vs Ship Battles will be stopped when all ship moor at the same port
Ship vs Ship Battles - Losing ship getting rewarded
Ship vs Ship Battles - Sail damage going below 0%
Bot ships taking over ports while player ships are moored at the same port
Negative stamina giving power in Battle Royale
Inability to load cannons simultaneously during port raids
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